Sunday, January 1, 2012

Special Blog Edition: Revealing 2012

This is Blog posting is a special edition, a revelation if you will. I am of a particular mindset that I will not look back.  That does not mean I don't reflect (careful consider) all things behind me because they propelled me to this point and time. Indeed, my whole life has been a sum total of getting right here.

You may be content with making new year's resolutions to do better, be more and the likes. Your focus maybe fixed on what you are going do this year to achieve those ends. That is great! Allow me to drop this bug your ears--You here today by God's GRACE. Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Flood, Famine, Recession, Suicide, Death, and Disease passed you and yours by in 2011.  Did actually think it had something to do with you. (Read on for the Revealing of 2012)

At 12:00 midnight, many saw some event that signaled the revealing of 2012 but few realize the spiritual significance of entering this new season. Spiritually speaking the year 2012 marks life that is infused by grace. 2+0+1+2= 5, five (5) and the biblical meaning of the number links to one having God's grace and redemption that's moved by the His Spirit.

We have only to become solemnly reflective to know witnessing the advent of 2012 is indeed a dispensation of God's Grace and Redemption. We can see evidence of the nearly complete corruption (sinful nature) brought about by the human experience in all five pillars (Marriage, Family, Government, Church and Education) in the world's societies. Globally economic systems are fractured and many nations are witnessing unprecedented increases in poverty. Yet, by God's grace and redemption we crossed over into the year of grace. 

Let's quickly define "grace and redemption" so you who read this will appreciate its value and will not squander it. Grace-is unmerited (you did nothing to earn it); it is a pardon or reprieve. I am sure you know or heard of some who did not make it out of 2011 or some who did but barely. Redemption means to be delivered by ransom; rescue. We all made to 2012 by this gracious redemptive act. 

When you are going through 2012 day by day please be mindful each moment of the day you are experiencing God's Grace.

As I mediated on God's Word, I searched for two significant scripture for you to get a  clear revelation of why it is necessary for you receive your Grace for your 2012 human and spiritual experience. Mary Magdalene is a great example of this Gracious and Redemptive act. Mary once possessed by seven demons, was astutely aware without grace and redemption she would have been lost. Mary Magdalene, a woman received the first Pre-Acts message to go tell that redeemer lives. (Read John 20:12) We all are duty bound to go and tell them the redeemer lives. We must share what He has shown and told us. We  can no longer keep these things secret within us. 

What are you going to with your Grace this year? Will you  squander Grace by keeping it within hoping that things will get better in this world? NO, Heaven forbid!!! YOU are the light of the world--tell everyone and remind each other of His Grace and Redemption.

Lastly I, read Revelation 20:12 (NIV) which says,  And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books. Saved or Unsaved we all have a to-do-list. In the scheme of getting things done make no bones about it there is a book of records all will be judged one way or the other. 

Special Praying and Walking in the Spirit Key

Obey and worship!!! As you become astutely aware of God's gracious and redemptive act in you and yours lives; you will be unstoppable IF you practice and put in action obedience to God's precepts, instructions and seek His advice combine these with true worship we yield in results that are unthinkable. While, obeying will open the windows of Heaven's blessings, true worship will keep God involved in everything you do. Get in God's Word, pray (talk to Him) and truly worship Him with your time, money and gifts.

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