The best prayers prayed are the prayers you did not utter.

I lift my face to YOU O Lord, my God and Father. I make intercessions for those and them that stand in need of healing, salvation and adoration. Someone, somewhere needs YOU right now. I ask Father that YOU Go/ Also send angels to ministers to them at the point of their need.

Father, thank you for your Grace and Mercy. Thank you for stepping in that place where the heart is broken and in despair. Thanks for putting your loving arms around the bereaved in their time of sorrow. Thank you for being the Great I am. YOU are our lawyer, doctor, teacher and preacher--you Are everything we need and all that we desire is in you to give to us.

Thanks for nations that run to the rock that never fails. Lead, guide and shore them up as pillars in the earth. Because YOU are our rock and redeemer we can face tomorrow because while we may not know what tomorrow holds for us; we know that YOU hold us in all our tomorrows.