Jasmin's Business by the Bible Tips and Strategies

How's your business doing in today's business economy? You may think it is over but it is not. This is new day and God's mercies towards us are renewed every day. 

Business plans, systems and infrastructure fail every day but I dare you who are bold enough to step out on faith and obey God's ordinance to write and tell me what happens not only in your business but your life.

Here's a portion of my testimony:

I have not had a job (just over broke) situation in five years but my storehouse is not empty. What I did was wait on the Lord and asked Him to direct my path. Yes, I have a Master Degree in Media Management and Bachelor's in Business Administration--so what? I learned beforehand these degrees mean nothing without God. God spoke to me loud and clear about building and aligning with His purpose. I knew from His Word in the Book of Nehemiah that when He is gives you a directive, desire or idea, He will also supply the needs to fulfill it. I had also understood it very crucial who you allow to build with you--everyone cannot build with you. (Read the Book Nehemiah)

In short Nehemiah was King Artaxerxes' cupbearer (job duties to serve drink to the King and test by drinking for poison) and he received word that the people of God were greatly distressed. Due their disobedience their enemies had overtaken them and they were facing a spiritual, physical and economic downfall because of it. Nehemiah prays and intercedes mightily on their behalf and God answers them affirmatively because of his intercession. Nehemiah's character and obviously his service to the King is highly favored (see Nehemiah 2) because the King Artaxerxes and his Queen are obliged to finance and endorsed his undertaking to rebuild the walls aid in the welfare of the Israelites. But as we all know there is always someone or something to stand in the way of progress and so it was with Nehemiah. However, the steps of the righteous man are ordered (directed) by the Lord and no weapon formed against him will prosper. Though it is formed and will not ever have its' intended harm. Hoping you will get your word and study the Book of Nehemiah. From this study I knew that God lays out the ultimate business and market plan. So I sought His counsel on how to take my degrees, business acumen;  the ideas in full force strength by the Word of God and make them work in this season. 

I tell you people it is not business as usual.

This page is dedicated to sharing my Business by the Bible Tips and Strategies.