Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Grow Your Church

God woke me up early with this message regarding church leadership marketing to grow their church.

Here's what thus saith the Lord:

So you want to grow your church. Evangelize!!! Evangelize.

The word evangelize fundamentally means spread the news. This is the oldest and most effective way marketing has been done since the beginning.

Cain knew his reputation as a murder would spread every where.
Noah spread the weather report to the whole world though no one listened
The Israelites became a terror to their enemies.
John the Baptist drew the masses to the water to be baptist; something that had never been done
Jesus was pressed with the multitudes because He preached a Word they could relate to.
Jesus dispatched the disciples to spread the Word--evangelize.

Church Leaders stop trying to conform to the world. I dare you to spend time renewing your mind with the Word...and see if you need a marketing concept.

There are three aspects of growing the true Church the first part is Spirit and Truth, the second is Evangelism and the third is the Father's Business.

  1. Spirit and Truth-- the administration of Word (spirit and truth) that sets the captive free, convicts the sinners and delivers the lame and halt. 
  2. Evangelism--your free captives and you begin to displays and  demonstrate they are changed, and others see and know there has been a change. That evidence of freedom, healing and deliverance will automatically began to draw those who need a change for themselves.
  3. The Father's Business-there is a business aspect of the true church. I will not go into this now check back.

I want to point you who feel you need a marketing plan to Isaiah 55. This is the true formula and plan for growth and expansion of the Church.

I want you who feel it is okay to develop worldly strategies of integrated marketing campaigns to increase you church membership to beware of counting the people and trying to multiple without God's sanctioning it.   Read 1 Chronicles 21

God has a way, and His ways are not our ways neither or His thoughts our thoughts. While you seek to increase God may desire the decrease as with Gideon (read Judges 7). Stop trying to draw from the masses, focuses creating master's. Church leaders must finally understand growing membership is not your job. The assignment is to feed the sheep, care for and protect the sheep. The sheep multiple and increase. The congregation that is properly fed will grow, and multiple, the spread the word and add to the flock.

God changes not. He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. There is nothing new under the sun either. Don't get caught up in the mass appeal of marketing (managing profitable customer relationships) unless you fully understand how to incorporate holiness into the marketplace.  Though there are all types of new methodologies and technologies at the Church disposal it is imperative that as we the Body of Christ use them we do so with holiness. In a way shape or form should the true Church look like the world.

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