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Genesis 12, 13, 14 and 15 Greater is COMING

The Lord said to Abram after Lot had parted from him, "Look around from where you are, to the north and south, to the east and west. All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring forever. I will make your offspring like the dust of the earth, so that if anyone could count the dust, then your offspring could be counted. Go, walk through the length and breadth o the land, for I am giving it to you." [Gen 13:14-17 NIV]

You do know that could not see as far or as wide as God, don't you? Abram like us didn't see the fullest of God gifts or promises in his lifetime for they well exceeded anything he could see with his natural eyes. Though he did indeed look around to north, south, east and west, his natural eyes could never see the vast expanse of the land that was promised to offspring that he alone would not produce. Yet, Abram believed and because he believed we can believe God's promises are yes and Amen in Him. His Glory is in giving All that He Promised to YOU because He is a Promise Keeper. Along Abram's journey to greatness he encountered some tough situations. He feared, doubted and orchestrated some creative planning himself but nonetheless God kept His promises. The roads (regions) seventeen to be exact over a 25-year span of time brought Abram closer to receiving. Are almost at the spot where you can receive?

I have to admit that I love studying, but nothing gives me as much joy as studying the Word of God. I get the greatest sense of joy and strength from knowing that my journey has a planned destination that is mapped out by God Himself. There is two decades between me and my now adult offspring; I have seen more than either of them have yet to see and I know the best is yet to come. If they ask me how I know I can't articulate the how, what, when or why but I point them to the WHO. God is driving the vehicle and as long as we give Him full access to the wheel, everything's going to be just fine. See, I am very sure like me and my offspring God's given you and yours some promises. You no doubt have been looking with anticipation and high hope that the promises are coming. However, beyond a shadow of doubt in my mind-you like me have grabbed the wheel of the vehicle and at times steered in wrong direction. Don't worry God's an excellent Co-pilot.

Once again, I am in the Book of Genesis, which as many of you know is one of my favorite books. Genesis not only tells of the origins of human kind; it also delineates God’s original purposes and divine plans for creating us in His image and likeness.  Moreover, the Book of Genesis unlocks keys and very profound understanding of man coming into his own spiritually. Abraham is one of the most significant examples of such spiritual maturing.  Before I talk to you about Abraham’s spiritual journey and coming of age spiritually, let me share with you this praiseworthy report—Greater is Coming.

If you are facing any type of opposition or adversity--fear not, Greater is Coming. Here are 8 ways that you can know that we are in a season in which greater is coming and victory is ours:
1.    The enemy’s attack reveals that your enemy believes you will accomplish your goals.
  1. The enemy only attacks you when you are about to give birth to something significant in your life.
  2. The enemy will use those closest to you to conquer your heart.
  3. The prophetic word is the best defense you possess.
  4. Your Angels are ready to minister to you at the conclusion of a crisis.
  5. Your praise and worship demoralizes the enemy and attracts God’s presence.
  6. Your faith must work for you every moment of your life.
  7. Godly wisdom assures your success.
Some of us will identify with all eight ways because the enemy attacks are so severe. It is his job but understand that the enemy has never been able to stop anything that God has for us from coming. Today’s dwindling economy, government shut down, drug or food addictions, health and/or family crises will not stop one thing that God has planned and purposed for us.  You may feel denied or even delayed but fear not Greater is COMING.
As I am studying Abraham’s journey the Holy Spirit is pouring out much revelation.  I will not share them all here in this blog post but I feel an anointing to teach on me one day. Abram’s journey to Abraham is truly an epistle of Greater Coming. Essentially, Abram learned and grew into his greater through walking thousands of miles and experiencing blind faith. Much like the image you see in this post. Abram’s journey actually causes him to travel nomadically before he comes to his final destination. He lives in 17 regions, experiencing a new spiritual evaluation and coming to new spiritual levels in God the Most High.
Abram get a divine stretching that many of us are running from because we do not recognize that Greater is coming after we have been stretched wide. Abram must go beyond settling, his comfort zone, leave loved ones; go into unknown regions, risk his life and wage war all the while he is discovering God the Most High. There are instances in that Abram learns to reverence the Lord, Adonai-(Lord, Master), the Lord, El Elyon-(The Most High), El Shaddai-(Lord God Almighty), Yahweh-(Lord, Jehovah), Jehovah Nissi-(The Lord My Banner), Jehovah-Raah-(The Lord My Shepherd), Jehovah Rapha (The Lord that Heals), Jehovah Shammah (The Lord is There), Jehovah Tsidkenu-(The Lord Our Righteousness), Jehovah Mekoddishkem-(The Lord Who Sanctifies YOU), El Olam-(The Everlasting God), Elohim-(God), Qanna (Jealous), Jehovah Jireh-(The Lord Will Provide), Jehovah Shalom-(The Lord is Peace) and Jehovah Sabaoth-(The Lord of Hosts). Each experience between God and Abram brings about a relationship that unlocks, faith, righteousness, holiness, worship, praise, sacrifice, healing, prosperity and so many other blessings as well as benefits that we can enjoy even now.
Get this into your spirit and let it permeate through to you right where you are now—Abram's obedience transformed him but Abram’s faithfulness moved him into a greater dimension that unleashed blessings and promises that are still being realized by his example among us his seed. We are the sons and daughters of Abraham.
We cry because we can’t pay a light bill, or find a job but really we should cry out to lose control, and be called by God to an unfamiliar place so we can learn to know the various names of God, experience His infinite might and supply.
What I found most compelling is the name change Abram received from God. God changed his name only after he was ready to receive the Promise. During his 25-year journey from Ur to Canaan Abram was being processed to receive. Within his 25-year process he had to concede to being stretched and learn to walk in faith like none before him had. If you read the accounting of Abram’s lineage you know that Abram comes from faith. Noah his ancestor had to have a rare type of faith that was not seen in his time. As you read the account of Abram’s lineage you see glimmers of service to God but not faith, not obedience and most certainly not righteousness. As we gain understanding that Abram’s willingness to get out from his place of settling and comfort is truly a measure of faith then we begin to understand why it is impossible to please God without having faith.
Have faith-Greater is COMING.

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